Announcing SCRI Georgetown Office Location – Coming This Summer!

Our mission at SCRI is to help patients maintain and preserve their eyesight to the best of our ability. With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce the upcoming opening of our new location! The South Carolina Retina Institute  is set to open the new Georgetown facility in late July to mid August of 2024.

As a premier provider of comprehensive medical treatments for a range of eye diseases and conditions, we are expanding our quality services to the beautiful city of Georgetown so that we can make it easier for patients in the area to get the care they need without having to travel as far. The new location address will be: 1007 North Fraser Street, Georgetown, SC 29440.

Our new Georgetown location is being designed to be a leading center of excellence in eye care. Staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced Vitreoretinal Surgeons and Retina Specialists, patients can expect to receive advanced medical treatment and personalized care. SCRI’s commitment to staying informed about the latest medical breakthroughs in eye care technology, ensures that we aim to provide the most effective treatments and therapies available.

Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Facilities

The Georgetown facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technology so that our patients receive accurate diagnoses and effective treatments without needing to travel farther from home. From modern imaging technologies that offer detailed views of the retina to innovative treatment options, we will provide a broad range of services for conditions affecting the macula, vitreous, and retina.

With the goal of making essential eye care more accessible, our new location is strategically situated to serve the coastal and inland communities of Georgetown, facilitating both immediate and long-term management of retinal conditions. This means we’ll have SCRI medical offices to serve the community throughout the Grand Strand – via locations in Conway, Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, and Georgetown, South Carolina.

In addition to clinical services, the South Carolina Retina Institute is dedicated to patient education, helping individuals understand their eye health. Informed patients are better equipped to make decisions that positively impact their treatment outcomes.

Fostering a Community of Exceptional Eye Care

SCRI’s expansion into Georgetown is more than just an increase in available retinal medical services; it’s about creating a supportive community of care. By building strong relationships with patients and their families, SCRI aims to foster an environment where everyone feels supported, understood, and valued throughout their eye health and vision preservation journey.

The opening of the South Carolina Retina Institute’s new Georgetown location represents a significant milestone in eye care for the area. With a focus on personalized care, SCRI is set to become a vital resource for those in need of specialized retina services. As we approach our opening day in mid-to-late Summer, our anticipation grows for the enhanced quality of life and improved eye health our team will provide.